What Will NIO Stock Be Worth In 5 Years?

What will Tesla shares be worth in 10 years?

How much will Tesla stock be worth in 10 years.

The investor from my investment club, who has a 5000% return since 2009, sees a potential $500 billion market cap for Tesla in 2024, or $2700 per share.

Billionaire investor Ron Baron believes Tesla could be worth $1.5 trillion by 2030..

Is NIO overvalued?

Despite the stronger than expected results and Q4 guidance, we think Nio stock looks overvalued. … While Nio’s growth rates are certainly higher than Tesla’s, it is also riskier considering the intense competition in the Chinese EV market, which has several hundreds of manufacturers.

Is NIO a good long term investment?

NIO stock is a long-term winner finding strong technical support at $40. Chinese premium electric vehicle maker Nio (NYSE:NIO) has been one of the hottest companies on Wall Street in 2020. NIO stock came into the year around $4. In late November, the stock soared above $55.

How much can NIO stock go up?

One of the biggest winners of the year in the space has been China’s NIO (NYSE:NIO), with its share price having soared 970% so far this year as of Dec. 4. However, NIO’s year-to-date gains have been much higher recently. In fact, just last week, NIO’s stock closed with a gain of 1,240%.

Is NIO better than Tesla?

Tesla Is The Safer Bet Overall, while Nio’s faster recent growth and unique innovations such as Battery as a Service (BaaS) – which allows customers to subscribe for car batteries, rather than paying for them upfront – are no doubt interesting, we think it remains a riskier investment compared to Tesla.

Is NIO worth investing in?

China EV Sales Rebound Lifts Nio Stock Through most of 2020, shares rocketed as the Chinese EV market rebounded. Nio more than doubled electric SUV deliveries for the first 11 months of this year. … An unbeatable 99 RS Rating well exceeds the 80 or higher that investors in top growth stocks would want to see.

Why did NIO stock go up?

Nio Inc – ADR (NYSE: NIO) shares were trading higher Thursday after one Wall Street analyst raised their price target for the stock ahead of the company’s annual Nio Day event. The Nio Analyst: BofA Securities analyst Ming Hsun Lee reiterated a Buy rating for Nio and raised the price target from $54.70 to $59.

Can NIO stock reach $100?

So far, we have called every opportunity on NIO stock. That’s why we are so confident in issuing our $100 price target for 2021. … NIO officially launched the EC6, a 5-seater smart premium electric Coupe SUV, in December 2019 and plans to commence deliveries in 2020.

Will NIO stock rise again?

Nio (NYSE:NIO) has been a phenomenal stock so far this year, rising 960% in 2020.

Is NIO making money?

Nio’s Revenues have grown from around $720 million in 2018 to about $1.12 billion in 2019, as its vehicle deliveries grew from around 11,300 units to about 20,600 units. … Nio reported about $1.12 billion in Total Revenues for full-year 2019.

Who is Tesla’s biggest competitor?

Six electric vehicle companies competing with Tesla:Li Auto (LI)Nio (NIO)Nikola Corp. (NKLA)Workhorse Group (WKHS)Canoo Holdings (CNOO)Lordstown Motors (RIDE)

What will Tesla stock be worth in 5 years?

$3,000 in 5 years Giving his Tesla long-term stock predictions, when the TSLA stock was trading at just $800-$900 in early June, Ron Baron admitted: “Tesla, that’s going to be $2,000 or $3,000 in five years and a multiple of that over the next five years.”

Will Tesla hit $1000?

Seventy-three percent of readers said Tesla will reach $1,000 per share by 2022. The most-cited reason for near-term growth. Many readers said Tesla is more than a car company and is instead a tech company that provides the automotive and household energy solutions of the future.

What Could Tesla be worth in 10 years?

A $1 to $2 trillion market cap in 10 years is certainly possible if Tesla can actually grow its revenue this rapidly and achieve a net profit margin of 5% or more. Still, investors should be cautious of such bullish forecasts for Tesla’s sales.

Is NIO stock overvalued?

One of the most valuable companies in 2020, Nio (NYSE:NIO) rose over 1,190%. … With all of those points in mind, NIO stock is starting to look overvalued despite its China-based advantages.