What Is Jim Shockey’S Net Worth?

Who is Jim Shockey’s daughter?

Eva ShockeyJim Shockey/Daughters.

What is the best hunter in the world?

The insect world is home to reportedly the most successful hunter on Earth. In 2012 researchers at Harvard University, Massachusetts, US, found that dragonflies caught up to 95% of the prey they chased.

How old is Eva Shockey?

32 years (January 5, 1988)Eva Shockey/Age

What gun does Jim Shockey use?

Check out the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow, its like nothing you’ve ever seen.” The Jim Shockey Steel Eagle both feature the industry-leading Nitro Piston 2 powerplant with more speed, more power, more accuracy and reduced cocking force.

How did Jim Shockey make his money?

As a young man, Shockey was business-focused, and in his 20s, he owned high-end antiques stores in Vancouver. He eventually sold his stores and mortgaged everything he had to start an outfitting business for black bear hunters on Vancouver Island.

Is Jim Shockey show ending?

The trip earned the highest winning bid of the evening (by far), and the unknown bidder will now set a 2018 date for the end of Jim Shockey’s professional guiding career.

Who is Eva Shockey’s dad?

Jim ShockeyEva Shockey/FathersShe went on hunts with her dad, well-known outdoorsman Jim Shockey, but never really wanted to take an animal until she was in her early 20s.

How old is Jim Shockey?

About 64 years (1957)Jim Shockey/Age

Who is Jim Shockey’s wife?

Louise Shockeym. 1980Jim Shockey/Wife

Does Jim Shockey have a son?

Branlin ShockeyJim Shockey/Sons

Who is the greatest hunter of all time?

The 10 Most Famous Big Game Hunters That Ever WereDavid (Davy) Crockett. Wikimedia Commons. … Daniel Boone. Wikimedia Commons. … Saxton Temple Pope. Facebook. … Art Young. Ancestery.com. … Theodore Roosevelt. Wikimedia Commons. … Colonel John Henry Patterson. Wikimedia Commons. … Jim Corbett. Wikimedia Commons. … Fred Bear. Facebook.More items…

What is Eva Shockey middle name?

Her middle name “Bow” represents an archery bow and our love for the outdoors. The WON: Will Leni Bow be a part of your story as she gets older?

What does Branlin Shockey do?

Branlin Shockey has paved his own way in the hunting industry to become one of the best cinematographers and producer of conservation and adventure based hunting television in the world.

How tall is Eva Shockey?

5-feet, 6-inchesI’m only 5-feet, 6-inches tall, and the willows were about 6-feet tall.