What Does Tow Mean In Slang?

Where did towing the line come from?

The most likely origin of the term goes back to the wooden decked ships of the Royal Navy during the late 17th or early 18th century.

Barefooted seamen had to stand at attention for inspection and had to line up on deck along the seams of the wooden planks, hence to “toe the line”..

What is the meaning of BTW?

by the wayPhrase. BTW. (Internet slang, text messaging) Initialism of by the way.

What does GTW mean towing?

maximum Gross Trailer WeightOne major factor in learning your trailer’s towing limit is knowing your vehicle’s towing capacity. The towing capacity for your vehicle as it relates to maximum Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) and maximum Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR). Both GTW and GCWR can be found in the Owner’s Manual of your tow vehicle.

What does blaze mean sexually?

to have sexual intercourse with someone. I’d blaze that.

What does cracker mean in British slang?

British slang a thing or person of notable qualities or abilities. not worth a cracker Australian and NZ informal worthless; useless.

What does Fede mean in slang?

Hello, how are you?Fede – South African township greeting meaning “Hello, how are you?”

What does lingo mean slang?

Lingo is a way of speaking that’s shared by a particular group of people — it’s their own personal slang or jargon. You might observe International Talk Like a Pirate Day by trying to speak only pirate lingo.

Will my child stay blonde?

Hair color is not set for life. A baby born with dark hair may change to having light brown on blonde hair during the first six months. Even then, babies and toddlers with blonde or red hair often develop brown hair as they age.

Is Lingo a bad word?

The first two unabridged editions of Webster’s American Dictionary (1828 and 1845) lists lingo (meaning “Language; speech”) as “vulgar”; by the time of Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) the term (meaning “Language; speech; dialect”) had ascended to “slang” status.

What does tow stand for?

TOWAcronymDefinitionTOWTime of Week (GPS signal)TOWThread of the WeekTOWTake-Off Weight (aviation)TOWThe One Where26 more rows

What does GTW mean in texting?

Got To WorkGTW means “Got To Work”. The abbreviation GTW is typically used to end a conversation. GTW implies that the sender is very busy and does not have time for further chat.

Why are blondes called tow heads?

A: The “tow” in “towhead,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary, refers to “the fibre of flax, hemp, or jute prepared for spinning.” Since flax is light in color, blond people (especially children) are sometimes referred to as “towheads” or “towheaded,” expressions first recorded in the 19th century.

Is toeing a word?

toeing v. present participle of toe.

What does tow the party line mean?

Definition of toe the (party) line – Learner’s Dictionary toe the (party) line. to do what someone in authority tells you to do although you may not agree with it. (Definition of toe the (party) line from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What does hair like tow mean?

1 : a head of hair resembling tow especially in being flaxen or tousled also : a person having such a head of hair.

What does GWS mean in slang?

Get Well SoonGet Well Soon.

What does mimicked mean?

1. a. To copy or imitate closely, especially in speech, expression, and gesture: a girl who naturally mimics her older sister. b. To copy or imitate so as to ridicule; mock: always mimicking the boss.

What does it mean to toe the line?

Meet a standard, abide by the rules, as in The new director will make us toe the line, I’m sure, or At daycare Brian has to toe the mark, but at home his mother’s quite lenient. … This idiom refers to runners in a race placing their toes on the starting line and not moving until the starting signal.