Quick Answer: Why Does My Landlord Want To Inspect My Apartment?

How do I prepare for an apartment inspection?

Preparing for a Rental InspectionLeave your pets at a friend’s place.

Pets have a natural instinct and aversion to strangers.

Make an effort to leave the place spotless.

Highlight problem areas that need to be fixed by the landlord.

Don’t let your green thumb go grey.

Be like that Consistent Tortoise.

Keep yourself calm and composed..

Is it normal for apartments to do inspections?

Your lease may state how often these inspections will take place, and while some landlords might not do any inspections or may only do yearly inspections, it isn’t uncommon for landlords to inspect their properties routinely, such as every three to six months.

What happens if you fail an apartment inspection?

Failing an apartment inspection can prevent you from being able to renew, get your full deposit back, or get a letter of recommendation from the landlord for future housing applications.

Can I refuse my landlord entry to my apartment?

Tenants cannot unreasonably deny a landlord entry into their apartment. A tenant can request to have an entry moved to a different date, for example, but the tenant cannot prevent the landlord entering the apartment as long as all of the applicable requirements for entry are met.

Can my landlord go in my bedroom?

Landlords are not allowed to enter apartments and/or rooms without letting the tenant know first. … In California, for example, there is an explicit statute that says that such entry by the landlord is not allowed without reasonable notice beforehand. Absent other circumstances, 24 hours is generally reasonable.

Can a landlord go through your stuff?

Landlords are not entitled to go through your unit and belongings at will. They generally must have a valid reason to enter the unit and give you proper notice, unless you gave them permission in advance.

Can a landlord randomly inspect your apartment?

Random non-specific inspections are not legal, regardless of whether the tenant was provided proper notice or not. … Additionally, the landlord may inspect the unit with the tenant upon moving in, and they may do a walk-through inspection with tenant when they move out.

What do they look for in apartment inspections?

A routine inspection involves a landlord, maintenance worker, or property manager coming to your apartment and walking through it. They usually look for, and take notes on, any damages to the unit, changes made to the interior, or alterations to the outside of the property.

How many times can my landlord inspect my apartment?

four instancesIn California, landlords cannot conduct random inspections. California Civil Code Section 1954 limits the access landlords have to an occupied rental property to only four instances: in case of an emergency, in the event of abandonment by the tenant, to do repairs or improvements, or to show the apartment to …