Quick Answer: Where Is Double Cropping Practiced?

What is the difference between multiple cropping and intercropping?

Mixed Farming refers to a cropping system where two or more crops are cultivated in the same piece of land simultaneously….Intercropping Vs Mixed Cropping.IntercroppingMixed CroppingFollowed to increase the productivity of cropsFollowed to reduce the risk of crop failures due to unfavourable climatic conditions5 more rows.

When multiple cropping is possible?

Explanation: To grow more than one crop on a piece of land is called multi cropping. – It is the most common way of increasing production. -Multi cropping is only possible when there is proper resources like irrigation facilities(water), confer land etc.

What is monoculture and why is it bad?

This type of farming goes against any form of traditional crops and growing food. Reusing the exact same soil, instead of rotating three or four different crops following a pre-determined cycle, can lead to plant pathogens and diseases. …

What is continuous cropping?

Continuous cropping refers to a system in which certain crops are ”replanted” in soils that had previously supported the same or similar plant species [8].

What is the purpose of double cropping?

Double cropping is a method many growers are turning to in an effort to get the most out of their land. A form of intensification, double cropping is defined as planting two different crops in the same field during a single year.

Where is double cropping common?

Viewed as shares of each region’s total cropland, double cropping was most common in the Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest regions.

What is triple cropping?

Triple cropping means planting and harvesting three crops in one year off of the same field. There are two main reasons why triple cropping is practiced. One is to obtain the most feed possible from same parcel of ground.

What is single cropping?

Monocropping is the agricultural practice of growing a single crop year after year on the same land, in the absence of rotation through other crops or growing multiple crops on the same land (polyculture). Maize, soybeans, and wheat are three common crops often grown using monocropping techniques.

What are the disadvantages of mixed cropping?

Following are the disadvantages of mixed cropping:Applying fertilisers to individual crops is very difficult.Spraying pesticides to individual crops is difficult.Harvesting and threshing of crops separately are not possible.

What are the advantages of intercropping over mixed cropping?

The advantages of inter cropping over mixed cropping are :Soil erosion is checked.Seeds of two crops are not mixed before sowing; hence fertilisers can be added as per the need of the crops.Different crops can be harvested and threshed separately as the maturity periods of the crops vary.More items…•

What mixed cropping pattern?

When two or more crops are grown on the same land simultaneously, it is known as mixed cropping. For eg., growing wheat and gram on the same land at the same time is mixed cropping. … The nutrients required by one crop should be less than those required by the other.

What are the reasons for multiple cropping in a rural area?

Answer:The technique of multiple cropping allows farmers to achieve better results by making practical use of resources such as soil, water, fertilisers , etc. Utilisation of nutrients is maximum with multiple cropping as crops having different nutritional requirements grow simultaneously in the same piece of land.

Why is Monocropping bad?

The Effect of Monocropping on Soil Health Monocropping is the practice of growing the same crop on the same plot of land, year after year. This practice depletes the soil of nutrients (making the soil less productive over time), reduces organic matter in soil and can cause significant erosion.

What is an example of double cropping?

The practice of consecutively producing two crops of either like or unlike commodities on the same land within the same year. An example of double cropping might be to harvest a wheat crop by early summer and then plant corn or soybeans on that acreage for harvest in the fall.

What is multiple cropping explain its characteristics?

To grow more than one crop on a piece of land during the year is known as multiple cropping. It is the most common way of increasing production on a given piece of land. All farmers in Palampur grow atleast two main crops; many are growing potato as the third crop. … Multiple cropping enables the fertility of the soil.

What do you mean by multiple cropping Class 9?

In agriculture, multiple cropping or multicropping is the practice of growing two or more crops in the same piece of land during one growing season instead of just one crop. … It can take the form of double-cropping, in which a second crop is planted after the first has been harvested.

What is multiple cropping in short?

Multiple cropping is a form of Ecological Intensification that is potentially highly sustainable when two or more crops are grown at the same time or in a sequence.