Quick Answer: What Is Namespace C#?

What is namespace give the example?

In an operating system, an example of namespace is a directory.

Each name in a directory uniquely identifies one file or subdirectory.

As a rule, names in a namespace cannot have more than one meaning; that is, different meanings cannot share the same name in the same namespace..

What namespace is list in C#?

A List is one of the generic collection classes in the “System. Collection. Generic” namespace.

What is the purpose of using statement in C#?

The using statement allows the programmer to specify when objects that use resources should release them. The object provided to the using statement must implement the IDisposable interface. This interface provides the Dispose method, which should release the object’s resources.

Can we have nested namespaces in C#?

When a Namespace is declared inside the other namespace that declaration is called nesting namespaces. When a Namespace is declared inside the other namespace that declaration is called nesting namespaces. You can nest namespaces to any level you want.

Where is namespace std defined?

The whole std namespace is NOT defined in one particular file/header. Namespaces are open – this means you can add to them. Each header file in the standard c++ library add it’s particular stuff to the std namespace. So #include will add the vector related bits.

What is a namespace in C#?

Advertisements. A namespace is designed for providing a way to keep one set of names separate from another. The class names declared in one namespace does not conflict with the same class names declared in another.

Why do we use namespace in C#?

Namespaces are used to provide a “named space” in which your application resides. They’re used especially to provide the C# compiler a context for all the named information in your program, such as variable names. Without namespaces, for example, you wouldn’t be able to make a class named Console, as .

What does namespace mean?

A namespace is a declarative region that provides a scope to the identifiers (the names of types, functions, variables, etc) inside it. Namespaces are used to organize code into logical groups and to prevent name collisions that can occur especially when your code base includes multiple libraries.

What can I use instead of namespace std?

The main alternatives to bringing in everything from the std namespace into the global one with using namespace std; at global scope are: Only bring in the actual names you need. For example just bring in vector with using std::vector; Always use explicit namespace qualifications when you use a name.

What is the difference between namespace and class in C#?

Classes are data types. They are an expanded concept of structures, they can contain data members, but they can also contain functions as members whereas a namespace is simply an abstract way of grouping items together. … Using a class implies that you can create an instance of that class, not true with namespaces.

Is namespace required in C#?

There is no need to have a namespace. However developer studio expects you to be using a name space. For example, when you choose to add a class to a project developer studio will: Create a file for the class.

What is using namespace std?

“using namespace std” means we use the namespace named std. “std” is an abbreviation for standard. So that means we use all the things with in “std” namespace. If we don’t want to use this line of code, we can use the things in this namespace like this. std::cout, std::endl.