Quick Answer: How Much Would It Cost To Build The White House Today?

How many bedrooms does the White House have?

The White House features 132 rooms spread across six different levels.

Amongst those rooms you’ll find 35 bathrooms, 28 fireplaces, eight staircases, and three elevators.

It hasn’t always been known as the White House, though..

Does the President actually sleep in the White House?

The President’s Bedroom is a second floor bedroom in the White House. The bedroom makes up the White House master suite along with the adjacent sitting room and the smaller dressing room, all located in the southwest corner.

Is the White House the biggest house in America?

The following is a list of the 100 largest extant and historic houses in the United States, ordered by square footage of the main house….Largest houses.Square footage55,000NameWhite HouseLocationWashington, D.C.Built forUnited States of AmericaArchitectJames Hoban50 more columns

How old is White House?

228c. 1792-1800The White House/Age

What is the square foot of the White House?

It sits on 18 acres of land. It has 132 rooms, with 16 family and guest rooms, 3 kitchens, and 35 bathrooms. The floor area is about 55,000 square feet.

How much would the White House cost if it was for sale?

Everyone agrees that if all of the artwork, historic artifacts, and American memorabilia were included in the sale, the asking price would soar—to upwards of $250 million, according to Gray.

Are there tunnels under the White House?

The White House to Treasury Building tunnel is a 761-foot (232 m) subterranean structure in Washington, D.C. that connects a sub-basement of the East Wing of the White House to the areaway which surrounds the United States Treasury Building.

How much does the White House cost to build?

The construction of the White House cost $232,372 Money explains that that figure in the 1790s equals about $100 million today.

Does the Queen have a room in the White House?

The Queens’ Bedroom is on the second floor of the White House, part of a guest suite of rooms that includes the Queens’ Sitting Room.

Does the White House have a garage?

The garage houses a fleet of White House vehicles. … It also provides all facets of transportation support for presidential motorcades and travel-to include cargo handling for the president and those who travel with him-stateside and abroad, as directed by the White House Military Office.

How much does the president’s chef make?

The White House Executive Chef made between $80,000 and $100,000 annually in 2005. The chef receives no overtime, and the workload can vary considerably depending on whether the First Family is in residence or traveling, if there is a special event, or if a holiday occurs.

Did Freemasons build the White House?

Mystery lingers: Where did those Freemasons put that White House cornerstone back in 1792? There is no doubt that on the afternoon of Oct. 13, 1792, a group of Freemasons marched from Georgetown to the site of what is now the White House and laid a cornerstone.

Is there a swimming pool in the White House?

The White House has had two different pools since the 1930s. … Ford, an avid swimmer, installed an outdoor pool on the White House grounds in 1975. FDR’s swimming pool was completed in 1933. The pool has been covered but remains beneath the floor of the press center.

How large is the Oval Office?

DimensionsDimensionsUSSIHeight18 ft 6 in5.6 mLine of rise (the point at which the ceiling starts to arch)16 ft 7 in5.0 mApproximate circumference102 ft 5 in31.2 mApproximate area816.2 sq ft75.8 sq m3 more rows

What amenities does the White House have?

The White House requires 570 gallons of paint to cover its outside surface. For recreation, the White House has a variety of facilities available to its residents, including a tennis court, a jogging track, swimming pool, movie theater, billiard room, and a bowling lane.