Quick Answer: How Many Families Are There In The Palampur Village?

How far is raiganj from the village Palampur?

13 Kms.Explanation: Raiganj, a big village, is 13 Kms.

from Palampur..

What percent of people working in Palampur are engaged in activities other than agriculture?

Only 25 per centOnly 25 per cent of the people working in Palampur are engaged in activities other than agriculture.

How many houses are there in village Palampur?

Palampur has a population of 1,89,276 peoples. There are 44,501 houses in the sub-district.

How are the communication facilities in Palampur?

Answer: Transport and communication system in Palampur are well developed and well linked. Explanation: … They have a well developed system of roads that are connected and over which vehicles can travel easily across Shahpur ie the nearest town.

What is the difference between village Palampur and raiganj?

LOCATION: Palampur is a village in Western Part of Uttar Pradesh. It is well connected with neighbouring villages and towns. Raiganj, a big village, is 13 Kms. … Every village in India is surveyed once in ten years during the Census and some of details are presented in the following format.

How many families are landless in Palampur village?

In Palampur, about one third of the 450 families are landless, i.e. 150 families, most of them dalits, have no land for cultivation.

How many farmers live in Palampur?

Dalits have no land for cultivation. 240 families cultivate small plots of land less than 2 hectares in size. In Palampur, there are 60 families of medium and large farmers who cultivate more than 2 hectares of land.

How many upper caste families are there in Palampur?

80 upper caste familiesThe 80 upper caste families own the majority of land in Palampur. Their houses, some of them quite large, are made of brick with cement plastering.

How many families in Palampur village are small farmers?

Answer Distribution of land among the 450 families of Palampur. Question 6) Why are the wages for farm labourers in Palampur less than minimum wages?…NCERT Solutions for Economics, Chapter 1 – The Story of the village Palampur.Production of pulsesProduction of wheat1990-9114552000-0111703 more rows

How many people of Palampur village engaged in non farming?

Answer: 25% of the percent of people in palampur are engaged in non farm activities.

How many families in Palampur live in small or semi furnished houses?

1 Answer. About 450 families belonging to several different castes live in Palampur.

What is the percentage of people in Palampur?

Answer. Answer: a) 75 percent of the people are engaged in farming in palampur.

What percentage of people in Palampur are engaged in non farming activity?

25%Ans. 25% people of Palampur village are engaged in non farming activities.

What is the location of village Palampur?

Fill up the following based on information on Palampur. Answer: LOCATION: Bulandshahr District, Western Uttar Pradesh. TOTAL AREA OF THE VILLAGE: 226 hectares.