Question: What Is The Meaning Of RSF?

What is building load factor?

In short, the load factor is the percentage of space on a floor or building that is not usable and is expressed using the simple formula of rentable area divided by useable area minus one.


How is Ru factor calculated?

R/U Ratio = Rentable Area / Useable Area These terms include: Load Factor. Add-on Factor. Gross-up Factor.

What is rentable space?

Rentable square feet is defined as the usable square feet plus a portion of the building’s common space. Common spaces are areas usable by all tenants in the building and include, but are not limited to, hallways, lobbies, public restrooms and fitness facilities.

How is leasable area calculated?

If the building is leased to a single tenant, then the gross leasable area is equal to the gross floor area. … To get the gross leasable area for one tenant, you would measure from the center of the common wall (shared with another tenant) to the outside face of the external wall.

What is the best type of commercial lease?

Arguably the favorite among commercial landlords, the triple net lease, or “NNN” lease makes the tenant responsible for the majority of costs, including the base rent, property taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance.

What does PSF stand for?

Pounds per square footPrice per square foot. Pounds per square foot, a measure of pressure; see also Pounds per square inch.

What do CAM charges include?

CAM charges are the cost that a landlord pays to operate and run a commercial property. … This would include the common area maintenance, charges for cleaning up common areas, security for the property, property taxes, property insurance, repairs and maintenance.

What is RSF in boxing?

In British bouts, they call TKOs “Retired” or “RSF”, meaning the referee stopped the fight. … In the US and elsewhere, “RTD” or “Retired” means the fight has been stopped between rounds either because the referee has determined the fighter can’t continue or the fighter themselves chooses not to continue.

What is BOMA measurement?

For more than a century, BOMA International has set the standard for measuring buildings. In 1915, BOMA published its first office standard, Standard Method of Floor Measurement. … Today, BOMA International is the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) secretariat for a suite of area measurement standards.

How do you calculate gross area?

Calculate the area of each square or rectangle by multiplying the length by height. Add up the area of each square or rectangle to obtain the total gross area. This process must be repeated for each floor of the building.

What does RSF stand for?

Rentable Square FootageRentable Square Footage or RSF is the total square footage that equals the Usable Square Footage plus the tenant’s pro rata share of the Building Common Areas, such as lobbies, public corridors, hallways, restrooms, etc.

What does RSF mean in texting?

RSF — Referee Stopped Fight.

What is RSF in medical terms?

RSF. Radial Structure Function. Chemistry, Discipline, Radiology.