Does Lydia Die?

What do I do if Lydia dies?

You’ll have to cheat to get her back, but it’s possible.

First, its handy if you teleport her corpse to you, and then you can resurrect her.

And then she will be standing alive in front of you..

Can Mjoll become a vampire?

yes she can become a vamp she even has dialog for when the sun is blocked.

What happens if you turn your wife into a vampire in Skyrim?

Turning your spouse into a vampire while they sleep will make it impossible to complete “The Gift” quest. Your spouse will turn aggressive on you and you will be required to kill them and then marry another in order to complete the quest.

Can you get another Housecarl if Lydia dies?

Mainly you can get them from doing the guild questlines (mages guild, companions, etc) or you can get them from doing the Jarl’s questlines in the cities and get new housecarls.

How do I revive Lydia?

Type “resurrect” in the console window then click on the corpse so the reference id pops up and then press enter. Lydia will come back to life even if her head is chopped off.

Where does Lydia go after you marry her?

PC 360 After marrying Lydia, she may exit the Temple of Mara during the ending script of the marriage ceremony. If she is not found outside immediately after exiting the Temple, she will be gone forever. Using the “player. moveto” command may teleport the Dragonborn next to her in a random location in Skyrim.

Who does Penelope Alvarez end up with?

Penelope and Victor met in the late 90s while in the army. Penelope and Victor got married sometime before 2001. They had their first child, Elena Alvarez in 2001. They had their second child, Alex Alvarez in 2004.

Can Lydia die on Skyrim?

She can die but unless your on the PC so you can use console commands or mods you can’t re-marry. yes she can die. if she does, you can’t marry again.

Can you get Lydia back if she dies?

If you killed her yourself, she will not be hostile toward you upon resurrection. Just make sure you ask her to follow you again. You can get Lydia after completing this quest and becoming Thane of Whiterun.

How do you stop Lydia from dying?

The most common solution is giving her great armor and a shield but if you play on PC, you can set her as essential with console commands. “setessential 000A2C8E 1” for Lydia. For no friendly fire, I use: “sifh 1” on my followers… With your Console open, click on a follower then enter “sifh 1”.

Can AELA the Huntress die?

Aela can only be killed by you. Like all companions, other NPCs will only knock her out. If you deal the killing blow, however, she will die.

Is Lydia a good follower?

Despite her many, many flaws, Lydia is undeniably an excellent follower. At her highest level, Lydia has an impressive 671 points of health, along with expertise in heavy armor, one-handed, and block.

Why did Penelope and Max break up?

That’s where she met Max, her new boyfriend. She eventually breaks up with him, since he said he wanted kids. Penelope didn’t, and couldn’t take that away from him. After breaking up with Max she starts dating Mateo a buddy of hers.

What happens to Lydia in one day at a time?

After a fight with her daughter Penelope (Justina Machado), Lydia is found collapsed on the bathroom floor. When her family takes her to the hospital, they discover she’s had a stroke, and all they can do is wait for her to wake up.

Does Lydia die in one day at a time?

Surely no one expected that Rita Moreno’s Lydia would die, but that didn’t make seeing her in a hospital bed any less painful. The character suffered an off-screen stroke at the close of Episode 12 and, after an invasive surgery to stop the hemorrhaging, was placed in a medically induced coma.

Can Lydia become a vampire?

User Info: 2Deux2. Aela is the one spouse you can’t turn into a vampire- in the game she is a werewolf and characters can’t be both vampire and werewolf. It’s important in the game she remains a werewolf as she is the only person who can turn you back into a werewolf if you cure yourself.

How long is Lydia wait?

3 daysOnce your 3 days are up, you’ll get the “Your follower tires of waiting and leaves” message, they will return to the location you initially “hired” them from. In case of Housecarls, like Lydia, they will either return to the keep in their respective cities, or your home in said city (assuming you purchased one).

Can your Housecarl die?

Housecarls can only die if you hit them when they are down. Once they take a knee, enemies will not attack them any longer. So, basically they die only if you kill them.

How do I teleport to Lydia?

Console command player. moveto 000A2C94 (Lydia’s ref id) will teleport the player to the NPC’s current location. Or you could use the command prid 000A2C94, hit enter and then type moveto. player and Lydia will appear by the player.